• What is the age limit for DNA tests?

    There is no age limit on DNA tests. A DNA test can be performed on an individual at any age.
  • Is the mother required?

    No, a paternity test can be carried out with just the child and the alleged father but we recommend, where possible, to include the mother's DNA sample as well to strengthen results.
  • How long can I get my results?

    Once all the specimens have been received at the lab, results take an average of 3~5 business days. Rush results are available upon request.
  • Are the results confidential?

    Yes. All the circumstances surrounding a DNA test, including the results obtained and all communications, are strictly confidential. To ensure the confidentiality, no results are disclosed over the telephone. Results are transmitted by mail or email to the eligible persons specified on the consent forms.

Knowing your genetic makeup is like having been given a new set of tools to deal with inherited diseases more effectively. Susceptibility does not mean Inevitability. It simply means vulnerability.

Predicting what diseases you have inherited and learning what actions to take is the art of intervention: before an inherited condition becomes a reality, it is turned off through genetic knowledge.

Genetic Susceptibility Test helps you to identify whether you carry any defective genes which put you at risk of developing certain kinds of diseases. 100 diseases are covered in this predictive test, and the results will state each disease that is at risk.

This test also allows for early prevention to make the necessary alterations to lifestyle, thereby controlling the other factors which usually account for sub-health and diseases.

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