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Paternity Guide For Unmarried Parents (2)

  • What is the age limit for DNA tests?

    There is no age limit on DNA tests. A DNA test can be performed on an individual at any age.
  • What is a buccal swab?

    Buccal swabbing is a non-invasive way to collect DNA samples from the cells of a person's inner cheek. Buccal means cheek or mouth. A buccal swab resembles a large cotton tip. It is used to collect cheek cells by rubbing the inside of the cheeks. A buccal sample is as accurate as a blood sample. Check Sample Accuracy page to learn more.
  • What if the father is not available?

    It is possible to establish paternity even without doing an paternity test. Paternity can in fact be established by testing relative of the alleged father or your sibling. If only the child and relative of alleged father are tested, the results may not be completely conclusive. If the mother's DNA sample is available for the testing, the results will be more conclusive.
  • How long can I get my results?

    Once all the specimens have been received at the lab, results take an average of 3 business days. Rush results are available upon request.
Paternity Guide For Unmarried Parents (2)
Issue Time:2015-08-12

What if the Father Refuses to Have a Paternity Test?

If the father refuses to have a Paternity Test, the mother can take legal actions to establish paternity.

In most cases, a court would then require DNA testing. Once the court establishes paternity via DNA test, it can help resolve legal parentage issues, such as custody, visitation rights, and child support. If you don't wish to go through the courts, you can get a private legal paternity test through Superyears, which carries the same weight as a court ordered test.

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