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What is the Chain of Custody procedure?

What is the Chain of Custody procedure?
Update Time:2018-01-03

"Chain of Custody" refers to the proper management or control of the DNA samples throughout the testing process.

First, it requires a neutral third party to verify the identity of the individuals being tested and collect their DNA samples.

Following that, the DNA samples and appropriate paperwork (including signed copies of identification papers) need to be delivered to the testing location ensuring that they have not been tampered with.

Finally, the DNA laboratory performing the test needs to ensure they handle the DNA samples and paperwork correctly by tracking and documenting the DNA samples throughout all of the testing process.

If the procedures are followed correctly, this will allow the laboratory to issue notarized test results that can be stand up in court.

In contrast, in private or peace-of-mind DNA tests, the samples are taken by the clients themselves and therefore there is no independent verification of the DNA samples. Hence the laboratory is not able to confirm the identity of the individuals doing the test.


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