Sample Collection

Select one of the three following options

Option 1 On Site Collection —— Professional Collection

  • Call us to make an appointment.

  • Come to your appointment in one of our clinics.

  • The nurse will collect the testing sample.

  • The analysis will be done in our laboratory.

  • Get your results by mail and/or by email.

Option 2 Self Collection —— Highly Confidential

  • Print the form to fill. You will then do the collection using Q-Tips.

    Note: No kits will be sent to you by us.

  • Use Q-Tips if you prefer a saliva collection. Swabbing the inner cheek for 30 seconds. You can check Sample Accuracy page for more options.

  • Fill the form and include your payment.

  • Send the samples by mail to our laboratory at the address indicated in the form.

  • Get your results by mail and/or by email.

Option 3 Order A Kit —— Easy and Safe

  • Order a kit online or by phone.

  • Receive the kit.

  • Do the collection according to the instruction.

  • Return the sample by mail for testing. Saliva sample may last at least 60 days.

  • Get your results by mail and/or by email.

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